Effective employee training is a key element of an organization’s success.

L&S has a training center located in Dubai. This training center is certified and fully equipped with a on-site training specialist who ensures the training of newly recruited supervisors and cleaners.

The training given to the supervisors is everything from basic to comprehensive site requirement on cleaning aspects as well as health and safety guidelines to be followed during work.

Before L&S deputes cleaners to a work site, they undergo a rigorous training in all aspects of professional cleaning, conduct and safety. This is done by:

BICSc certified in-house training centre

L&S has its own in-house training being conducted for the cleaners and are provided with hands-on experience on cleaning methodology. During the in-house induction training, the cleaners are briefed on company policies and requirements as well as specific basic instructions for:

• General cleaning using chemicals, cleaning equipment use and care and slip-and-fall safety measures to reduce any risk of injury both to the cleaner and the client.

• During the hands-on training experience, each cleaner is then acquainted with the cleaning process step-by-step which involves the proper use of PPE.

Third-party training

For high level facade cleaning the glass cleaners are trained on the use of cradles, mobile tower scaffolds and mobile elevating working platforms such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts etc. This training is conducted by a Dubai Municipality accredited company.

On Site Tool Box talks

Tool box talks are conducted at sites which involves re-briefing on the work methods and safety at work.

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