Glass Cleaning & Rope Access

A Leading Service Provider for Rope Access cleaning & High-rise building glass cleaning in the UAE.

Lahej & Sultan Cleaning Services was established in 1981 and is part of the Lahej & Sultan Group. Lahej & Sultan is an ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 14001 – 2015 and ISO 45001 – 2018 certified company and is a registered member of BICS and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Company has been providing Glass cleaning services to the UAE Market for the last 40 years.

A good cleaning job starts with well-groomed staff and L&S has been building an organization of well-trained people since 1981. All Lahej & Sultan employees are on company sponsorship and are selected through proper interviews arranged by the agent based in the respective countries and after the clearance from the local law enforcement authorities.

High-rise building external Glass cleaning by Rope Access

Our expert & professional Glass cleaning teams are ready to carry the high-rise building external glass cleaning on a one time or on contractual basis with fixed duration cleaning. We encourage our clients to go for long term glass cleaning contracts to enjoy the benefits of predetermined duration cleaning and lower pricing. A regular interval cleaning ensures your building exteriors are clean and aesthetic.

External Glass cleaning & Wall Washing by BMU

We also undertake glass cleaning and building pressure wash cleaning works by BMU(Cradles) which are provided on the building on one time and contractual basis with fixed duration cleaning. Works are carried out after verification of 3rd party certification of the cradle and feasibility study of the access available with proper hazard identification.

External Glass cleaning by Ancillary units

Where access is not available by BMU, we arrange units such as Mobile tower scaffolding, Boom lift & Static Boom lift to do external glass cleaning, Wall washing & Canopy cleaning.

Training & 3rd Party Certification

All the rope access cleaners and window glass cleaners are given proper training and are certified by the 3rd party trainers and only then are allotted to the sites. Also, the cleaners are briefed about the local rules and regulations so that when they are serving a client there will not be any inconvenience to them or the client.

Method Statement & Risk Control Measures

All our glass cleaners are made aware of the method statement and risk control measures related to the works. Each team deployed will have a site in charge overseeing the entire cleaning process and ensure all works are carried out properly as per code of practice. Health and safety of our high-rise cleaners is of paramount importance as any accident could be fatal. Our experienced, level 3 certified IRATA Supervisor’s along with our HSE team continuously monitor their PPE used, proper rigging of the access ropes & the safety line. All PPE equipment’s such Helmets, descender, Ascender, Static ropes, fall arrestors, Body Harness, Podium Harness, Ascender (Croll) are certified every 6 months.

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