Planning Methodology


Method Statement – against crawling insects

Work Task / Job: –

Pest Control Service – against crawling insects

Safety Equipment’s Required: –

Personal Safety (PPE)
1) Gloves
2) Safety Shoes
3) Chemical Mask.

Job Safety
1) Cautionary Board.

Equipment’s Required: –
1) Pressure Spray Pump
2) Gel Applicator

Chemicals to be used: –
All Chemicals being used are low odour, non–staining, low mammalian toxicity and approved by the Ministry of Environment & Water and the Dubai Municipality.

Work Procedure: –
Prior to commencement of pest control, the client is advised of the following:
a) To keep all the food items concealed.
b) Not to enter the premises for a minimum of 4 hours after pest control has been done as the treated premises must be kept closed for that period of time.
c) Vent out the air at least 30 minutes prior to occupancy of the premises.

Pest control treatment would mainly comprise of: Treatment inside the premises:

a) Thorough insecticidal spray for the entire premises along the junction of wall and floor of each room, around the door and window frames and other vulnerable places harbouring the crawling insects particularly the cracks and crevices.
b) Application of gel treatment inside the kitchen cabinets.

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