Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance team is capable of providing maintenance of the Central Gas Systems for residential buildings, restaurants and food courts, hotels, shopping mall, labor camps and industrial plants.

Our maintenance team is equipped with latest facility management software where the client can get all reports and notification by mail.

We provide Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our maintenance vehicles are equipped with tools and spares to avoid delay in procuring spare parts. All gas emergencies are attended on priority basis. Preventive maintenance is done on monthly or quarterly as per the contract terms and conditions. The service contracts are endorsed by the department of civil defense as well.

Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts

We provide maintenance contracts which can be customized to meet specific client requirements for all kinds of small and large projects.

Preventive and Break down Maintenance

Our maintenance team will conduct regular periodic maintenance to prevent the break down or interruption of the supply.

Emergency Response and Support

We have 24x7 Emergency team to attend any emergency repair or rectification work.

Calibration of the Gas Detection & Pressure Gauge

Our team will conduct periodic calibration of the gas detection system, Pressure gauges and Pressure relief valves for the safe operation of the system.

Tank revalidation & Cathodic protection replacement

As per the Authority regulation tanks has to be tested and revalidated every 5 years to ensure safety. Lahej & Sultan undertakes periodic testing and revalidation of the Gas tank and system with Third party consultants.

Free Maintenance Service with Bulk Supply and Yearly Contracts

Lahej & Sultan also provide free maintenance service when they request bulk supply against long term contracts. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Utility Service

We are involved in the supply of gas to the Residential and commercial building and include regular billing to the tenants or client. Our metering system consists of the latest technology which includes remote meter reading and prepaid gas meters to provide optimal convenience to the owners or tenants. All our billings are electronically generated, and clients can avail different mode of payment including card payments.

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