Gas Distribution

Pioneer in Gas Distribution delivering guaranteed quality product

Lahej & Sultan Gas Distributor’s LLC was established in 1975 and was the first company in Dubai to be issued the Gas distribution license. For the last 40 years, the company has been delivering civil defence approved Gas cylinders to thousands of households all over Dubai. We also supply Gas Cylinders and bulk Gas to Restaurants, Hotels, Labour Accommodations & Residential Towers.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to track all customers orders up to the time it is delivered and the vehicle returns back to the Store.

All our services are raised electronically same time of the delivery, ensuring the customer has the receipt of the delivery note and invoice. We also give customers the option to receive e-invoice via their registered email address.

Lahej & Sultan has its own civil defence approved store in Ghussais, ensuing sufficient stock of cylinders in always maintained for seamless and quick delivery to all its clients. All our cylinders are sourced from authorised and civil defence approved suppliers ensuring not just a quality product but also with assurance of gas filled in the cylinder as per their weights mentioned.

With a fleet of our own Vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices and monitored through our alert and proactive Sales coordinators are ready to serve our clients. Regular supplies are pre-scheduled to avoid the waiting time while for telephonic inquiries, we ensure our customers are able to receive their order within the shortest span of time. 

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