Induction Training

On arrival, the new recruits are put through a one-week full-time induction training session wherein they are made aware of the company rules and policies, Police and the local law, general knowledge of the U.A.E, Introduction to the security industry of U.A.E, role of a security guard and so forth.

On Site Training

New incumbents are trained along with existing security guards before being deployed full time on sites.

First Aid Training & Fire Fighting Training

The Company ensures that all our security guards are trained through professional trainers for first aid and fire fighting.

Refresher Training

Refresher Training is held at our training facility on a frequent basis to ensure that guards are abreast of the latest trends in the Security industry/local and federal laws.

Security Guards Training Program

Security Guards are put through a five day comprehensive mandatory Security Guard's Training Program by an institution authorized by the Dubai Police General Headquarters - Department of protective systems, the governing body for security activities in Dubai.

All guards are tested and licensed by DPS.

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